Laughing At Wallstreet…For Real!!

Thank you BlogHer for the opportunity to read/review this book!!

If I could use my early bird knowledge of how awesome this book was and had money to put behind it I’d go buy some options pronto!!

This is a book by author Chris Camillo who is a normal seeming guy who managed to use his human access to the masses to tap into what the “experts” at wallstreet haven’t figured out how to tap yet!

For me, as a mom of three cutie pies who was laid off, looking into every available opportunity to make a few extra bucks, getting this book in the mail was like one of those scenes in a movie where one looks up and the sun beams down on them….

Why do I say this? Because all those little hunches I have, that I have never known what to do with now have tasks, almost a form to fill out to determine the validity of what I think they mean. Not only do I know “What” to do with these hunches, observations etc. but I know where to go to do them! He is talking in plain English and gives very simple to the point instructions, definitions and tips to make paying attention to life your investment.

Not only does he cover those hunches, but he cleverly redefines what is often referenced in business books as OPM (I’ll let you google that one!!) in a way that makes it attainable to all of us to get and use to play in this game.

I highly recommend this book to just about anyone, but especially moms like me who have had a hard time during this recession. Maybe laid off like me, had their first baby and quit working, or chose to be a stay at home mom and looking for creative ways to get a little cash. Why? Because we are the ones that are out there, we are the ones talking to each other, making those purchases that matter, and have our finger on the pulse of ordinary people and the trends that follow.

Also, I have to mention that as a mom who has brought my kids to Occupy events locally (here in Seattle-Go Westlake!!) I love the idea of empowering all of us to confidently invest and benefit from our observations.

Chris also can be found on his site, Twitter, and in the book he gives his username for one of the sites he recommends too! I love how accessible he seems to be…will be fun to watch the numbers go up as this book is released this week!! You can get your copy on Amazon of course too: [amazon_link id=”0312657854″ target=”_blank” ]Laughing at Wall Street: How I Beat the Pros at Investing (by Reading Tabloids, Shopping at the Mall, and Connecting on Facebook) and How You Can, Too[/amazon_link]

I think I’ll go look around for a few things I might be able to dig up from this mess at home to go put on ebay … see you there!!

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