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I’ll start out by telling you I have three children. My oldest is ten and is a voracious reader. My younger two children, who are very bright are the focus of this post. My 6 year old is now in 1st grade. She is tested into very high levels of Math, and this is when we realized that we maybe weren’t stressing the importance of reading enough…she was put into a lower level of math simply because she couldn’t read the instructions telling her what to do! I have since stocked up on sight words cards to help her start to memorize those and while I was at it I picked up some phonics card for my 4 year old son who is expected to start Kindergarten next year.

My older daughter wanted to learn to read, so it really is a whole new territory for me. So far I am finding that it helps if we are very accessible when she is reading her books/cards. I am encouraging her to spell out the words she is having a hard time with too, logic being that she at least needs to think about each of the letters and doesn’t just skip over the challenge. My son I’m hoping is absorbing some of these lessons from hearing his sister learning to read. With him we are still working on letter recognition, and his preschool gives him a book each week of the school year that is focused on the letter of the week. Reading these books each night is definitely a part of our routine. On really good nights I can get my 6yo to attempt to read the book to her brother and my older daughter/husband or I am close to help with any words that are more difficult.

Do you have any tips or tricks that you used to get your children reading? I never really worried about it too much because I know so many people who are focused on letting the child learn at their own pace…but with them in school I’m finding it is definitely an impediment to not be caught up in one area or another. This could just be a flaw of the common core curriculum that reading is required so early on in math, but at this point it is what it is so I am working to get her caught up. I’d love any tips you have to offer!

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