Liver Patties…

Yeah…I went there. Well maybe I should say that I tried to go there.

I bought some frozen liver at Wholefoods yesterday because I’m told I should be eating more organ meat. I wasn’t sure how to prepare it, but I bought it and put it into the fridge. Then I got determined and did some research, the most informative site I found was That Stuff You Made where she talked about everything from pureeing and freezing ice cubes to the onion/bacon additions etc.

I ended up cutting it up, and then blending it with two eggs…I then mixed that mixture with some almond flour to thicken it up a bit…and then made little nugget sized patties that I fried in some coconut oil.

I can hardly believe I just wrote all that in three lines…let me try again because it was way more complicated than that.

Ok, so first I had to figure out how to get the liver into smaller pieces. I asked Geoff which knife he thought would be best for this, then realized I could use my kitchen scissors for this part. So I got those, and sliced up all three somewhat thin slabs of liver. I recruited my 7yo at that point, who has an interest in science…she stayed and cracked the two eggs into the bowl that I then poured the meat into. She poured the meat/egg mixture into the blender and we blended it all up.

I then put in a few scoops of the almond flour to thicken it up and tried to mix it with my hand…this was pretty gross, it was like a thick paste/thin playdough in that it was totally sticking to my hand. Pretty ew.

Kenzie left at about this point, saying it was too gross.

So I moved on…I washed my hands and started using my flat spatula to mix it up, and got a spoon to start scooping balls of the meaty egg mixture onto a plate full of the almond flour.

Once I had a good layer of those patties on the flour, I flattened them and gently put them into the hot pan of coconut oil that I had on the stove…I found that these cooked pretty fast, the longest part was making the individual patties.

I brought out the first plate of experimental patties with some bbq sauce and then some ketchup for the kids/husband to try out…all but one accepted at least one patty so I went on to the second round.

For the second round, I was trying to not use so much flour, a lot of the flour had fallen off the patties and made the oil really brown, these ones came out less solid though.

I added those to the plate, noticing that only one or two were missing….now I’m just trying to finish this crazy project.

So I went back to my first method of putting the balls of meat onto the flour and flattening them before putting them on the patty. I noticed how little oil seemed to be on the pan, they really seem to soak up the coconut oil a lot. I don’t mind because I was literally told yesterday I should be eating more oil to help my low cholesterol.

So all in all, of the three batches, I think the first was best…my husband and I were able to consume the last few patties, but it was more just so that we wouldn’t be hungry later than any kind of a “yum” sensation. That is ok though because we are on a health kick right now and it’s good to eat healthy stuff.

SO I hope I can find a better way to eat this stuff…I have ordered some stuff that will hopefully be more yummy and will report back as soon as I find out if it really is…and if I have the urge to buy and puree any more liver I think I’ll freeze some pureed liver cubes to add to stuff.

Or something. Time for a glass of water now I think…

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