Living With MS

After over a decade of being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a few lessons and resources have made their impact on me in SUCH a good way that I have registered where information that I wish I was made aware of when first diagnosed can be found.

For now here are sites I love and reference a lot: – I’ve been reading the book by Mark: The Primal Blueprint: Reprogram your genes for effortless weight loss, vibrant health, and boundless energy (Primal Blueprint Series)… as well which has been incredibly enlightening. I recommend it to EVERYONE not just people with Multiple Sclerosis. – Terry Wahls is the author of Minding My Mitochondria 2nd Edition: How I overcame secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) and got out of my wheelchair. which I haven’t yet read but do plan to as soon as my available reading time picks up. In the meantime I absolutely LOVE her TED Talk video that is below. On this site there are similar recommendations to what I did and experienced with “alternative” medical technique…for example as I discuss in my Paleo Diet post I talk about getting allergy tests, nutrient level tests etc. that I use to direct my diet and supplement intake. I appreciate how open he is about this whole process, even posting his test results and discussing what it all can mean. I am grateful to know that other people believe in the science behind these tests as I do and have a healthy existence to show for it. I guess I’m a renegade too! Here is a mom taking the kind of diet I follow to a whole new level, sometimes talking about eating raw meat and no vegetables for example. I do eat a LOT of vegetables though I find a LOT of inspiration in her blog and story, particularly when talking about feeding my kids a less carby diet. – How could you not like this title? This man, like Terry Wahls, is a doctor who was himself diagnosed with MS and found that taking a more natural approach to his illness got the best results. He is now helping other people and wrote [amazon_link id=”1742371795″ target=”_blank” ]Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis: An Evidence-Based Guide to Recovery[/amazon_link] to support it. I have not yet read this book though have seen some videos and articles online and the philosophy really resonates with me. – I created this site in 2009, it is a private community for moms diagnosed with MS to connect with other moms diagnosed with MS for peer support. It is something that I needed at that point and was unable to find. If you are a mom diagnosed with MS I highly recommend you join! – Public site where moms diagnosed with MS can share their stories with any and all who are interested. If you are a mom with a story to tell you can even submit yours right here. Directing to a youtube channel by a man named John these are videos that I’m watching almost daily. I’m taking the information I get from everyone, the kale from Terry and others, lots of veggies from everyone and the need for physical activity that makes primal sense to me that I use in my garden. John talks about all kinds of really good organic processes, processing, and alternatives even to growing a garden. I am happily growing as many greens as I can and juicing them as fast as I can to consume all those micronutrients. I love his energy and dedication to making fresh foods available to everyone. I’ll be getting started with sprouts soon after watching the video he recently made on the subject. I’m looking forward to it! He also sells a variety of appliances including juicers and I hope to buy a blender from him some day.

I hope to meet all these people my lifetime as they are all inspiring me to be a better me, and to share what I know with the world to make it a better place where we can all live healthier and longer in peace.

Another VERY important post of mine that discusses my favorite supplements helping my MS and describes how some of them have helped me.

Thanks for reading through this! I’ll be adding all this and more to as soon as I can, currently that links to this page but please know it is coming!! Comment on this page if you want to be notified when it launches…your comment will not be posted publicly, only used for this purpose.

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  1. Have you heard about ms diet for women. Perhaps you could add it to the list!

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