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I have moved a lot in my life, as a child for example I went to approximately 12 schools before I walked across that stage to get my diploma at the age of 18. So as an adult now, with 3 kids, it is ever more important to me that I get connected in my neighborhood. I have explored a number of ways to do this including facebook groups, email lists, and local meetings too but none have come close to what I’ve found in Nextdoor.com it is basically almost like a mini-facebook/craigslist where you can discuss the happenings in the neighborhood (and those close to it) as well as post any free/for sale items and that sort of thing to make it available for neighbors to partake.

Nextdoor Map

As you can see there are a lot of neighborhoods already represented on here. Unfortunately but in some cases fortunately you can only be signed up in the neighborhood you live in. For example when I moved a few times recently I was not able to maintain the accounts I’d created in those neighborhoods, I had to start over each time. I did not like that at the time but now looking back I see that it is kind of a feature because it makes it more difficult for anyone who might have bad motivations to join multiple neighborhoods.

I’ve gotten free plants, been involved in lively discussions and gotten inside information about happenings near me. I recommend checking it out! It also is great for planning local events like potlucks and bbq’s where you want neighbors to join in. I am pretty sure they are still just in the United States.

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