Love and Paris situation

What kind of energy are you sharing with the world?I can’t help but think about the people who went through with the bombings/attacks in Paris/Beirut/everywhere else recently. These are the things I am thinking about:

1.) I worry. I worry about what kind of a world my kids are going to have, and about how much I should tell them about what is going on. I worry about them worrying about it, or being scared to expand their horizons and exposure to the world. I worry that the UN Climate Change Conference might be interrupted, because I believe that it is an important event for everyone to get involved with to save our planet as a whole.

2.) I remember. I was in New York City when 9/11 happened and it brings me to tears to remember what it was like to be so close. It was this wild mixture of being grateful, being scared, feeling connected, and yet lost. I remember how beautiful it was for a few days to walk around, make eye contact with people and to get a smile that sort of acknowledged and celebrated silently acknowledging “We survived.” and finding great peace in that. I remember the military guns in the subway station and the tanks around ground zero and how surreal it was, I remember wondering how they got them there so fast. I remember hearing that we were declaring war, and that many many more people would be dying, and how as someone who had been so close thought this was the worst idea, we need peace and love, not war.

3.) I wonder. I wonder if the world changed, and came from a place of love instead of fear, how long it would take for this kind of thing to stop happening. Would people grow up to be so angry that they want to kill people if they were loved everywhere they went and all their needs were taken care of? Are we just setting ourselves up for more of this through our treatment of each other every day? Would we all have to be like flower children of the sixties or could we just open our eyes a little bit more to see the soul of the person in front of us and love them for being them? I wonder how civilized a culture we are if we are cheering for the death of, anyone.

4.) I wish. I wish that all of us, all over the world could participate in a mandatory foreign exchange program that exposed us to at least three extremely different parts of the world from where we are from. I wish that doing this would build a greater empathy among all of us that would make it hard to consider ever participating in such violence because we know someone from every part of the world.

5.) I know. I know that love can help. I know that when we love each other and see the inner light/child glowing through every person/animal that we see that our heart and soul expands and we become more connected in creating a space where we can all thrive. I know that some people are so so hurt or scared that this is hard to believe, and I know that all I can do to help is to love them for who they are, and for their playful inner child to thrive. I also know that there are bombings happening a LOT more places and Paris, and we need to send love to all who have been touched by that as well. I know that when I have felt that I had nothing in terms of life support I knew I had love…I don’t know if it was God’s love or the spirits of my family past that I felt but I knew I’d make it if I was meant to, and that love had something to do with it.

It doesn’t feel like love can do much when there is a situation like this, but when it comes down to it love is something that is within all of us and it’s a lot more pleasant than hate. Living in fear of what could happen only hurts us. Spread the love, acceptance and support for our neighbors.

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