Made My First Thrive Market Order Today!!

I’m totally digging it so far, most exciting for me is that:

1.) They have the big Vanilla version of the protein smoothie mix that I have been getting that Costco only has in Chocolate…and for about a dollar less!

2.) They have the kind of bubble bath that I like to get for my kids…it’s one that in the store I only buy if it is on sale but the price on Thrive was pretty much the same thing as getting it on sale so I got it.

3.) They have ALL of the teas that I like to keep in stock, so with this purchase I went ahead and stocked up on Traditional Medicines Nettle Leaf tea, Yogi Kava Stress Relief Tea, and I got a new (to me) Organic India Tulsi Tea with Moringa in it…all of these are normally over $5 so I was psyched to get such a good deal paying less than $4 for each!

All of this got me over the $49 to get free shipping, and when I applied a code they had emailed me in the last week it took 15 dollars off!! So I paid $35.95, got free shipping, and it says that overall I saved $39.56…Works. For. Me.


I think my next big purchase will be for some healthy snacks to put in the kids lunches probably, and I look forward to it!! I look forward to sharing this with the next person who tells me it is too expensive to eat healthy/organic food. It really makes it all SO so much more accessible. Each membership even helps cover a membership for someone who isn’t able to otherwise afford it, so in that we are all helping each other with this one. We get healthier food and we are helping someone else to get healthier food. Woo-hoo!!

THAT is what I mean when I say Together We Are Stronger.

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