Making Lots of Lists!!

I have been having a blast recently with making lists on ““. I have lots of Reasons to List, and it’s been like a trip down memory lane thinking about lessons I have learned along the way too which is a lot of fun.

Ironic that my first business card had just that (Learning Along the Way) as a tagline too!

Some of my favorite lists are these ones:

Odd Jobs I’ve Gotten Off Craigslist

Reasons Waxing Is Best For Hair Removal

Why I Support MLM and Direct Sales

Ways I Keep My Multiple Sclerosis In Check

and of course…

Pregnancy Staples

I’m all over the place as always and I’m loving it!!

Aside from making these lists I have been working really hard to get the categories and layout of this site ironed out…I really appreciate your patience while I figure it out. I am launching a few separate niche sites as well to direct relevant topic through appropriate channels so if you are interested I’m moving fast so you might want to subscribe to the email list if you want to be sure you don’t miss anything!

I would love any feedback that you have on the lists, they are SO much fun to make and I’d love to make them as fun as possible to read too…

Oh, one more list I want to share as it’s a kind of urgent political matter I feel strongly about:

Reasons to Protect Title X
– This has a link to send messages to the appropriate politicians as well.

If you want to see more of my lists they are at this link “” at this point there are I think 11, and I’m working on one that is all about me being Gen X vs Millennial…

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