Man Who Gave Birth To You


I just got an email with a message that mentioned something about this….it started out with “Father’s Day” something or other and I had all these warm fuzzy feelings about my husband but when I saw something about a man giving birth to me?? Really??

I don’t know Groupon… but my “Dad” who did do his sperm donation and financial contribution part of the deal…certainly did NOT give birth to me. I mean seriously, I’m a mom, I have two “baby daddy’s” and I can tell you that the one that gave me that warm fuzzy feeling? The one I live with and am married to? He did NOT give birth to our two babies that WE made. Contributed to their creation, yes. Gave birth to them? No.

I must say though, some people don’t take this notion quite so seriously….I remember the disturbing moment that a women, scratch that, a MOTHER described her dog to me, as her “first born”. I almost cried on the spot for the woman’s ten year old child who obviously WAS her first “born” however clearly had somehow had the title taken by a canine…I don’t understand but hey, to each their own, and there are some great therapists out there for her when she grows up!!

So, anyway, father’s day, the guy who gave birth to me, if I’m able to keep myself from being all hypothetical and waxing poetic about whose lessons led me to where I am, I am guessing they meant my “dad”. I’ll be sure to send/give him something, not sure what, but yeah. Interesting ad, got me thinking all deep and stuff…I’ll spend the day with the real father in my life which is the man I’m happily married too…xoxo. Oh, and those Omaha Steaks? I’d like some too!!!

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2 Responses to Man Who Gave Birth To You

  1. KimberlyFDR says:

    The Groupon deal with a purposeful MPREG (male pregnancy) joke. There’s a banner on the Occasions section that continues the theme. Notice the pregnant man reflected in the mirror on the right? I like that Groupon was trying to be funny, but I admit that unless you get the joke it looked more like a fail on their part.

  2. Kristin says:

    I see the joke, get the humor and still see it as a fail…giving birth isn’t funny, it’s real, it’s how we all got here. I consider it an insult to make light of it. Seems it is an insult to dads as well because on their own accord, they do a lot of good themselves without having to “joke” about giving birth.

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