Managing National Fundraising Team with Convio

5 years ago I went ahead and started a National Team with the National MS Society called “Moms With MS” I did it as a way that community members could be a part of something local regardless of which walk they were participating in and also so that moms who are not yet members would see us enough to know that we exist and that there is a place to go.

For the first few years it was great, and the donations that resulted from it showed (more than 20k 3 years in a row!) but as the years went by it got harder. The first level of frustration was the lack of access that I have to the Team Captains that have teams registered under the National Team. This wasn’t too bad when I first figured this out because I was able to get in touch with someone who was able to basically send an email written by me to the teams captains. It was the next year I realized that just about every person who had been helpful the year before had left, and now had to research who to talk to about how to get whatever it was I needed done.

So I gave up on reaching out to the Team Captains. Now I was focused on updating the page so that they could get the most relevant information about promo material and the community that the team represented. I put the information that I had gotten (after talking to multiple people again) about the amounts raised and other motivational stuff about making a difference.

For the last few years, I haven’t even been able to update the team page. If you look at the steps that I go through it is maddening because it seems like I should be able to because when I look at the page it says I can. I can’t though, and when I submit a support request or try to get through the maze of who can help me I’m told to send them the content, so they can send it to IT, and update it.



Convio_3Here are the steps, when logged in I see this at the top of the page, fortunately it does recognize me as the Team Captain as I am logged into the site but the next few screens just aren’t right…

So I go ahead and click “edit”

Here is what I get after that…an error message. To me this looks like some kind of error that a dedicated technical support person/team could trouble shoot, and then I would be able to edit the page as the page instructs/implores me to, or at least the design of the page would be changed to take away the edit options to cut down on the confusion.

Working in UX and experiencing this is absolutely maddening which is why I’m blogging about it. I am hoping that someone at Convio maybe isn’t being properly utilized by the NMSS since they seem to have an insane turnover in the role that allegedly handles this and that once Convio finds out how poorly their product is being supported maybe they’ll step in and insist on better process for the NMSS to manage their site. It seems it hasn’t been updated in years and so maybe it is even requesting they upgrade or something.

We already have about 25 teams registered under us and so the promoting of those is starting…hopefully soon the page for Moms With MS National Team will be up to date! I did after all send the html for the text along with a new image to the IT that allegedly can update this…

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