I was thinking about writing about masturbation but it took seeing a tweet from Kiyosaki about the number one market (still) being porn online to actually go ahead and do it.

I was not raised christian, or with any religion in particular but I believe it was infused in some way because after reading an article this morning about female masturbation and how taboo it is to put it lightly.

A friend of mine has ‘outed’ some of her sexual escapades with her book “Single Mom Seeking
” which is a great book that I can relate to in a lot of ways reflecting back on my single mom days of dating.

Back to the point though, I was thinking about writing about masturbating because I don’t think enough people do! I once signed up to be a consultant for a well known MLM that sells adult toys and props such as swings and lingerie but when it came down to it, aside from random leads who I didn’t know, I was too shy to ask any of my friends to host a party so I could sell some of the toys.

Fortunately at about the same time I signed up for that company I also signed up for Arbonne which is much more in line with what I promote and believe in which is well summed up by their “Pure, Safe, and Beneficial” tagline. I am very much in the process of detoxing my life and this has been a big part of it. All my personal care products such as shampoo, lotion, soap, sunscreen and even premixed shakes and fizzy tabs are all Arbonne, and I love to use and share them.

I’m not writing about that though, back to masturbation. I don’t know if it is the same for everyone but I know that for me I have at times been a bit jealous about the ease that men seem to be able to reach orgasm. It took me years of being sexually active to achieve this and while the first one I had was orally induced by my partner at the time…it never happened again that way. Sure all that my various partners since then tried felt very nice, but it didn’t quite do it for me.

So when I discovered vibrators, which happened in my teens but didn’t find the ones that for me could ‘do the job’ until I was in my twenties. I do not remember the exact age I was, but I remember it was a really good thing, and that I liked it very much.

Dildos never really did it for me, I found that they did help when being used in conjunction with a vibrator but alone they didn’t do much for me, not as much as the real thing though. If anything they made me laugh, because yes, I think penises look funny, and fake ones even funnier.

So, I was kind of disheartened in the ‘toy party’ industry for this reason too, I had such conflict!! See, my favorite toy is one that is really a “All-Body Massager
“that I bought off of Amazon at some point. It’s actually kind of a funny story about how I found it too.

Prior to finding my “PIB” (plug-in boyfriend) I was using lowly battery operated ones…and they tended to die at the worst possible moment that I found extremely frustrating. So one day, when I was with someone years ago, I noticed that when he used his clippers it made SUCH a loud noise! Later I had a thought that went something like this, “If it is that loud, then it must have a really powerful vibration too…” and that led to be ‘trying’ it, and with my hand I felt the power…and beyond that, I actually wrapped it up (yes, the clippers at this point) and it was great!! So I searched online and when I saw that the same brand had a vibrator and it wasn’t just for trimming hair, I bought it immediately and have owned one (at times two) since then.

So on that note…I’m going to sign off and walk out in this lovely sunny day we’re having. I believe everyone deserves to have a regular orgasm whether they have a partner or not and whether they want their partner involved or not if they do have one, it is up to us each individually to meet our needs in this area!!

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