Meaningful Teething/Nursing Necklaces?

I recently wore a necklace, a silver one (probably silver plated) from a store I shop at that my son LOVED. It was a simple “O” shape and man, instantly I remember the donut beads they sell at the bead store, and the cord, and the way they ……..OMG……..another business idea.

So I go home, and I’m looking at….wow. Instantly humbled.

I saw the beautiful wooden rings (by Taryn) the cloth knot necklaces (by sewintricate)…so yeah.

I’m both inspired, and humbled by these discoveries, I figure if so many wonderful women are doing the same thing, it can’t be a bad idea but yikes!! They have some awesome stuff…I’d have some serious competition. I recommend checking them out for shizzle.

Geoff just got home with some snacks…he’s doing a master cleanse now but I am still both eating and appreciative….cheers!!

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