Medical Analytics Fantasy 1.1

I am so excited right now I can hardly contain myself, I was sitting on the couch with my daughter with Mary Poppins in the background as I skimmed the latest tweets when I saw this one:

Click the image above or go HERE to read about it.

If you haven’t already seen my article which I call my “Medical Analytics Fantasy” which is my dream of having the data that is out from many industries, niche research groups, non-profits, toxicology departments in universities, pharmaceutical, government and more being brought together and linked to create meaningful information from it (to put it simply). I see things like what is going on with water, bottled and tap, and just can’t stand to not see comparisons to how chemicals might be seeping from the packaging of lotions and soaps, medicine, or toys in comparison!

Other findings in the book store the other day included finding a book called “The China Study” which is about a huge epidemiological study that took place in China focused on diet and the correlations to disease. I found it interesting in the few minutes of browsing (I’d have bought it if I had the money at the time, and will when I do, or you can get it for me HERE…if you do thanks!!). I look forward to reading both that and also The Paleo Diet which I have come close to adopting for a lot of reasons, the two bodies of information both seem good, but in the limited part of the China Study that I read it seems to define “meat” as beef, which is something I don’t eat, though I do eat pork, fish and chicken, I wonder how much of ‘kinds’ of meat are taken into consideration….once I read them both I’ll definitely have at least one more post about what I find.

I do not know how what they are doing will manifest or if it will have anything to do with the vision of I have that is very much a data mining web 3.0 model but any step further in gathering data is a great one in my opinion, and to have it funded by such a reputable source is even better. I am very excited to be around to see this happening.

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