Middle of Third Trimester Now…

A major energy drain has absolutely hit…it’s pretty intense! I’m due in about … (let me check my iphone app) … 49 days, which in theory really means 35-63 days.

I have been doing a lot of research into Hypnobirthing which is all about accepting birth as a natural and beautiful process, not a scary painful medical emergency. I am looking forward to learning more and to having another beautiful birth resulting in my third child!! I have also been reading Baby Catcher, which while it is a very serious and in many ways sad story has a lot of beautiful birthing stories in it as well.

Sunny days are starting to come every few days or so…I was fortunate to have energy and time to take Hazel out to Alki yesterday all day which was just wonderful. We even got a little bit of a sunburn in the 60 degree weather out there after playing on the beach for a while and then having Spud Fish & Chips for lunch.

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