Migraines, Lesions, PFO & Stress Studies…

I just read an article in Time “Migraines Linked to Brain Lesions in Women” that got me thinking, mostly about how I really wish the people doing these studies were going beyond one or two variables. For example, there is other research, “Migraines Linked to Heart Defect” (NYT) that could be totally related, not to mention the work being done on Stress that I strongly believe could be very related to all of this as well.

Why am I thinking this? I have personal reasons of course as well as an obsessive pattern matching mind. Personally I was diagnosed with a “stroke” in 1999. They couldn’t figure out why I would have a stroke for a long time, massive amounts of tests later on my blood, arteries, spinal cord, and other tests (I barely remember the tests but I recall being at the hospital so much I wondered if I should pay rent!) and a year after the stroke, they found one of those heart defects mentioned in that NYT article I linked to called a PFO or Patent Foramen Ovale, which they said combined with my use of birth control was probably the cause of the stroke (lesion).

A year after that and about a week after 9/11 I was in a hospital in NYC (Lenox Hill) having a patch put on that little hole in my heart with fantasies of having the greatly reduced risk of stroke that a “normal 20yo girl would have” as one of my doctors said at the time.

Now since then I have NOT had migraines, not that I ever did before, but it is worth mentioning that genetically, I am very very much at risk. Both my mother and my father complained terribly of headaches since I can remember. Mom definitely gets the migraines with sensitivity to light and dad had some doozies as well but I don’t know if they were migraines.

Maybe having my PFo closed has kept me from this fate of getting the horrible headaches my predecessors have faced? Perhaps stress was more related to the lesions? Who knows, I don’t but I wish that studies like the one I read today, actually all of these that I linked to would continue and compare other variables such as the PFO, stress levels, and the state their body is in nutrient wise. I mention the nutrients because as far as the MS that I was diagnosed with soon after the heart surgery I mentioned, I learned how to keep it under control in the last few years by improving my wellness through testing my allergies and avoiding that stuff, supplementing things I needed (again based on test results) and voila…the “MS” symptoms I was getting absolutely disappeared. So I would love to see them compare things like the levels of cholesterol, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and other.

Let’s stop ending these studies to start new ones and expand on the information that we already have gathered instead.

For example:

With the Stress study…can we do brain scans on the people being researched to see if they have unusual lesions? PFO?

With the Heart study…can we find out if they are balanced nutritionally? Based on tests NOT opinion?

With the Migraine/Lesion study…can we find out if they have PFO’s? Check their nutrient levels?

I’d be very very interested to see these studies being compared…I would love to see if said symptoms disappear for these people if they, like me, supplement needed nutrients and avoid food they are allergic to as well, it sure as heck has helped me a lot maybe that could help them too?

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  1. Chris says:

    Headache is one of allergy symptoms. I have allergy and yes I have headaches too sometimes. I have a question, what kind of birth control do/did you use? What about ear problems? I heard that people’s headache was gone after they got their ears cleaned by doctor. So, we usually clean it at home with a wrong way that makes our ears actually not clean.

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