Miss the Trees

I’m kind of upset about losing a lot of local trees… before going all Polyanna about how everything happens for a reason I want to disclose that this is being written at least partially in mourning, any other feeling going into it is nicely described as frustration.

Over the last three days, today is Monday and starting on Saturday, the lot next door to where I live, has been clear cut. We have at least half a dozen trees on our lot that are well over a foot wide, and they had at least the same. Fortunately we still have ours, theirs are gone.

They have also cut down a big pear tree that grew over the easement we all share where neighborhood kids loved to collect plums from each year that will be in their memories and missed for a long time.

I got off of the phone about half an hour ago with the DPD website, the link I put there on “DPD” goes directly to their complaint page where Seattle residents can file complaints about this sort of thing, I had a hard time finding it so I figure posting it will help boost it’s SEO a bit making it easier to find (I hope!!). I was right in assuming that there were absolutely no permits on that property, and that trees with a diameter over not just a foot but SIX INCHES are a big deal. Kind woman who answered the phone seemed a bit shaken when she heard how many and how big which is how I felt when I saw it happening.

On Saturday, I found it hard to explain to my five year old why the they were cutting the trees down, it’s so they can get money basically, they are building a house and an easement at least, and it will be a rental property at some point. A house built across the easement from us was built by the same person who plans to build this one, ironic considering the settling that has taken place since it was built just a few years ago, I’m not sure why (how?) anyone would ask him to build another one….oh yeah, it’s cheap. It’s about money.

She could tell when I was frustrated about it and I explained that trees have this amazing ability to make air that we breath, that they along with other plants are a huge part of how we are able to live on this planet, and that knowing this, whenever I see one being cut down, I feel like of sad because each one is cutting a bit more of our oxygen production down.

It also bothered me because trees are alive, they grow, the produce, and corny as it may seem to some, as a mother this really resonates with me, I watch plants grow the way I watch my children grow, with awe. I think it is beautiful and amazing the way that a tiny seed, or branch, however it was propagated can grow into such a strong beautiful living thing.

One of our big trees is on their radar as well, they really want us to ‘donate’ it to the cause of the easement they wish to develop. We, as you can guess, are not jumping into anything like this. They asked us a mere 4 days ago and we responded basically letting them know we need to see the plans and have our landscaping people look at them. Their stance is that their landscaper says it is dangerous and needs to come down, we don’t see that and want to trust an expert who supports the getting of permits and that sort of thing to see what they say. They tried to sell us on how nice an extended easement would be for a place to park our car. We said we’ll talk when we see and get the plans evaluated.

I’m kind of down about all this, I took a bunch of pictures and even videos today, one picture today of our lot so you can see some of the trees and how big they are (similar to what theirs were):

You can see kind of what theirs once looked like...

their empty lot:

Those trees were standing on Friday...sniff...

One tall tree with a nest that I wonder if they’ll be taking down:

See that next? In the one tall skinny tree in the center a bit to the left of our tree? I hope they don't cut it down. ..

…I also have pictures of the tree right outside our kitchen window (now gone), before and after shots of out front where the plum tree was and more…I’ll add those if I get bored or find a more efficient way to get photos off my iphone.

I’m irked about all this, I really like oxygen and being around trees that I know are nourishing all of us…not to mention I’ll miss the plums.

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3 Responses to Miss the Trees

  1. Kersten says:

    Aw, I feel your pain. I hate seeing trees cleared, and I feel bad when I see it. Chris and I drove the coast a few weeks ago, and coming across some freshly cleared areas sent a sick feeling through me. Our trees really are important! I’m glad you posted about this.

  2. Tree with a nest came down…I thought I saw a nurse in the plum tree too, total bummer. I’m glad my friend told me it’s not baby bird season, so likely no baby birds hurt…just some busy busy bird parents making a nest next year.

    I took note of a license plate on one of the trucks, these guys are cutting trees for owners without permits…gotta be something they can be busted for. They are raping mother nature after all.

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