Mom with MS: Built in Back Vibrations

Putting My Chin to My Chest Makes My Body Feel like it is Vibrating. It started one night when I sat near my husband late at night talking about something serious, I forget what though because I noticed that whenever he patted my leg, especially my knee, it felt like my leg was
vibrating! I think it was at least a few minutes later when I interrupted him, laughing, to tell him that if he wanted me to hear what he was saying, he was going to have to not ‘tap’ my legs because it was too distracting because I was having some strange symptoms! Of course he found this a big odd (as did I!) so I tried to explain it…basically it felt as if my bones were tuning forks, that when bumped were vibrating, and then from that the water in the cells of my muscle/fat/skin surrounding the vibration kind of reverberated out from there. (cont’d)

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