Mommy’s Popping Tags…

Ok, I’m definitely experiencing some kind of a rush today, I’m wearing a shirt and boots that I picked up at Goodwill yesterday and am loving my new look!

See it started two days ago when I attempted to hit up the clearance sale at a big department store. It was pretty mu ch, the ultimate failure. I walked in and was instantly kind of, in a daze. I couldn’t remember what size I was, what style of clothes tended to fit me, and what was or was not in fashion? Please…I don’t have a CLUE.

So that day I didn’t get anything. Yesterday I ended up at Goodwill seeking a teapot…I’d left the other one on the stove too long and it was pretty messed up. I figured I’d check out the clothes…since we have only recently discovered Macklemore (now sung in our house by the kids even more than Gangam Style, another family favorite) …it made sense. I’d always been overwhelmed in thrift shops before but after the department store this was CAKE. I don’t think I got a single shirt that was over 7 dollars, and I got 6 total. I also found a pair of boots that I really like that was being sold for about twenty bucks. Long story short, six shirts and one pair of boots for less than $70!!

This morning I looked up the brand of the boots that I had purchased to see what I had picked out, as I’d never heard of it, and was psyched to see that all the boots of this brand were priced between $100-$300…so I figure I totally scored!

I wasn’t brave enough to check out the pants but that might have to be next…maybe next time I have a babysitter that’s where I’ll stop first so I’m able to try stuff on to see what fits….I look forward to it! Last week I also got each of my girls rainboots for about $15 too…so very cool. Next I’ll see if I can find some for my little guy.

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  1. Tremayne says:

    This is Halarious

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