Moms With MS are Autoimmune Moms too.

I am so so excited to share this, I have been all flustered trying to get my thoughts straight about where to talk about this first and I decided that this blog, my personal blog makes sense.

As soon as I publish this I will be sending out an email to the members at of which there are now over 720!! and then I will be posting the first blog post to the new AutoImmuneMoms development blog.

For those who haven’t read the story and .com came about in July of 2009. I have decided that while Multiple Sclerosis is special to me since I myself have been diagnosed with it for just about ten years now, there are a LOT of other auto-immune conditions out there that other moms are suffering from! We ALL deserve to have a place to go to find other moms who are in our shoes…I’ve known this on some level for a long time. I purchased the domains more than a year ago and held on to them even though I couldn’t really afford to (we will see if I keep them all through time) and I FINALLY have a vision on how they will be used to bring moms together.

Here is my vision, I know how most of it will come together but I have no idea exactly when:

    I will be overseeing the making of a directory of sorts that is representing all the autoimmune conditions that I find moms diagnosed with and they will each have their own community within.

    The home page for this site will be public, similar to except there will not be any dedicated bloggers, not to start with at least. There will be stories and blog posts from members who have asked to have their work/story promoted in this way.

I see this as a way to bring LOTS of awareness around the different kinds of autoimmune conditions that exist and I hope it will grow the empathy and ‘sisterhood’ if you will of people who aren’t aware of the other conditions.

I will be tracking the progress and reporting back on the project on the blog I started today HERE.

If you are interested in this project, as someone with an autoimmune condition, who knows someone with one, or who is just a very curious person then sign up in the upper right part of that site to follow it through google. I will be periodically sending updates through there as well while I get the official mailing list sign-up forms created.

Thank you for your time and interest! I look forward to announcing the launch of the site!!

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3 Responses to Moms With MS are Autoimmune Moms too.

  1. Marie says:

    Kristin, that sounds like a really wonderful, if daunting, project. I give you much credit for taking it on and I wish you much success. 🙂

    P.S. Don’t overdo it though!! Pace yourself. 🙂

  2. Kristin says:

    Thank you Marie, we will be automating as much as possible and finessing the details when I can … I’ll hire/recruit help if I need to for sure…I’m looking up these conditions and it is absolutely humbling. I feel extremely lucky to “only” have had to deal with MS and a stroke in my medical history.

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