Monday Monday….

What a great weekend, I went ahead and focused on the kids this weekend (rather than work/money stuff) because my husband was busy fixing all kinds of broken screens and I didn’t want them focusing on missing him and we had a blast! Some friends invited us to the pool yesterday and it went way better than I could have expected, all the kids had a blast and got to play in the water, and my girls were both going on the diving board! It was great to have another adult there to help me keep an eye on the littler kids. Afterwards we were really close to breakdown and I went ahead and (cringe) got everyone a snack at a fast food place. I still wish there were some healthy fast food options but I figure once every few weeks is better than more frequently.
On our way home from there I saw a sign for an rock and gem show, I turned on the next block to go back and we headed in. It was fabulous!! The kids won some rocks, made some cool rock artwork and got to sort through some gravel to find some garnets, a definite win!
Later I saw someone posted online that they were putting out a ‘rootball’ of forsythia and so I packed the kids up again and went to do that, so now we have that planted out in front of our house, I’m hoping it takes so that I can use it to let people know which house is ours with the bright yellow flowers out front!

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