Morning Chess Standoff?


Chess…it gets real sometimes!! Photo by romainguy

Wow, my easy morning commute to summer camp this week sure had an interesting interruption… Seattle is where I live and my goal was to drop my husband off in Bellevue near the mall, and then to head south to I-90 and drive to Issaquah for summer camp drop off…it was strange when Bellevue Way was not just reduced a lane or two for maintenance, but completely blocked off with a cop directing me to go up a hill deep into a residential part of Bellevue. I was pretty irritated that they hadn’t thought ahead to have some DETOUR signs up, how rude! We don’t all live in Bellevue and know our way around these streets…

Detour Sign

Fortunately I passed a nice woman who was walking her dog, I was actually pulling over to turn around and when I saw her I asked her for directions…fortunately she knew which way to go and so we were directed in the right way (opposite of where I was headed!) and I was only about 15 minutes late or so…

I was mentioning to the staff at the camp how strange it was to be detoured into the heart of a neighborhood with no signs when someone piped up: “You mean the chess altercation?”


“Yeah, with the hostages?”…I realized I was going to have to blog about this at that point.

So this is what I found out, and yes, it was a Chess Altercation involving Hostages…that led to having to close down a major road that those of us not wanting to take 405 between I-90 and I-520 are familiar with.

It was an interesting way to start the morning…and now I’m just reading about it now from my new favorite hang out at a place called Romp… Yes, another of my Dreams Coming True…now I’m sitting by someone telling me about HER Tesla…I didn’t even know they are out…sad I know…

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