Most Underused Item

I’ve been looking at some of the prompts of the month and decided to go ahead and write about this one. It is tough for me because with all the unpacked boxes around…I surely have a LOT of underused items that I can’t even think of…

The item I’m choosing as being underused though? I think I will talk about my sneakers. As you may or may not know I DID recently join the gym and I’m totally loving it. I am using my sneakers then too, but while I’m reading The Primal Blueprint I am realizing that I could definitely do more. One of my favorite points he makes, or recommends is that we remain in constant motion…so something I’ve started and vow to continue is to walk as much as possible.

For example this week, I have gone on long-ish walks 1-3.5m while Hazel is in her preschools. It is absolutely wonderful! Gets my blood flowing and also gets both Zazen and me some fresh air and more close time (he is with me in his Moby Wrap
of course) that is doubling as making it more of an “exercise” for me since he adds a good 20lb’s or so.

On that note I had better get the kids out more too!! Time to get off the computer 😉

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