Mother Nature Giving Birth


Every now and then we get to experience something beautiful like this…a giant lily bud from Mothers Day in mid bloom.

We actually witness it all the time..transitions from one form to another, but that moment when the transition is made is often so fleeting it can be missed. It can be missed because it is painful, because it is orgasmically good feeling, or simply because it happened so fast and we simply missed it.

I’m taking this blooming bud as a sign to really pay attention to the transitions we are stacking up for this summer…the decisions to be made, opportunities to explore, to learn, grow, smile, and more than anything, to laugh out loud as frequently as possible. I will especially laugh and strive to find Joy in the hard parts, because i know all will be better than every before.

Plus I’m in better shape to assist with moving this year (aka not pregnant!) so i will be getting lots of awesome workouts I’m sure. I even bought an eight week mom & baby boot camp package to get prepared!

I’m spending my time over the next few weeks making progress on My Parents Hub project, discovering fabulous summer activities for the kiddos, and getting rid of as much clutter as possible…(if i had a good location if be tempted to hold a big yard sale!) I might look into Ebay or Yardsellr, I’ve kind of been there done that though and want to focus my efforts so most likely I’ll be driving to Goodwill a lot, or maybe a few consignment stores.

I don’t think I’ll be spending as much time in the garden sadly but hopefully the lily bulbs I planted out there last year will be blooming by the time I do.


Its going to be a beautiful summer…

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