Multiple Sclerosis + Marijuana

Have you tried it? For years I have known that I, as a person diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis could probably get a prescription. I never really considered it as I was under the impression that it was a treatment for just the “pain” that some people with MS experience.

I was surprised to hear my doctor suggest that it might help me.

So I did go ahead and start studying the different strains on and also on support groups that I’m a part of online that deal with MS without DMDs and asked them too.

The general consensus seems to be that the higher “Sativa” and “CBD” strains are the best for relieving symptoms. I also heard they help with things like focus too which I was extremely interested in. I have to say though when I tried those, I really didn’t notice anything though, I figure that it is because I have so few symptoms to ‘treat’ anyway but the CBD’s that come via capsules do seem to help with sore muscles.

The Indica strains, which are higher THC than CBD though worked for me when it comes to sleep..I have a hard time falling asleep sometimes and so this was one benefit/side effect that I absolutely welcome. I use my PAX vaporizer to take it and it works for me, I figure it does help my MS because sleep seems to help with everything..if I ever do get symptoms like pain or spasticity though I will definitely get more into the CBD’s!

Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll ask friends/experts to answer anything that I can’t…

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