Composting Hair?

Lots of hair in our family...Daddy has long hair too!!

Lots of hair in our family…Daddy has long hair too!!

I just combed through my hair a minute ago, see I just got out of the shower and it seems to be the least painful time to do it…plus if I have any waves from any braids or buns I have had I don’t like to brush them out.

But to my point…I was cleaning out the pick-comb afterwards and there was a good amount of hair on it, there almost always is. I found myself wondering if I might save it for something…I was thinking about the hair tests I have taken in the past and the nutrients that show up in them. I wonder if that means the nutrients are there? I wonder how long it would take for the soil/worms to absorb all that and would it help my garden? I really don’t know…but nearly every time I clean out a brush or comb (we have a LOT of hair in our family) I think of this, at least briefly.

So have you heard anything about this? Maybe I will google this really fast…YES!! I found an article that supports my thinking…I will stop throwing away those knots of hair and burying them now…look at the middle use for hair here on this 5 Ways to Recycle Your Hair article….thank you for posting it!!

So there you have it, a brief venture into my thinking. I think I’m going to post more of these musings…it makes sense since I think about random stuff like this all the time.

Oh man, I just went back and read more of that article…one time I made a little doll out of my hair, I twisted a long bunch of it into a loop for a head etc., I think it had arms, I don’t remember but omg…did you see the museum/jewelry part? If I could figure out how to make some cool jewelry out of it…

Ok, now I read more about the hair museum and WOW! She has a LOT of people’s hair in there, I’m wondering how many scientists who are into cloning have asked for clippings?? I don’t know…but now I’m wondering if I can make sepia out of my hair myself….well couldn’t find that but I did find these hair art techniques…it is all so fascinating!

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