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imageAs a mom living in Seattle, I’m definitely a 12. That’s why I have this picture of my little guy posted here too! I think it is adorable, the kids were given 3 shirts this week, from Dicks that have a big “12” on the back, as you can see though they are already so proud that they want the 12 in FRONT!

In the spirit of the Seahawks going to the super bowl and life being great I figured I’d do a Top 12 post about things that I am grateful for!!

12.) Seahawks in Arizona!! I had fun last year and I’m also enjoying the energy in town knowing that we are about to be in the Super Bowl again. I’m grateful because the philosophy that Pete Carroll is using with the Seahawks is a beautiful example of conscious leadership in practice that we (my husband and a good number of friends) are striving to recreate in business…so yay for good examples!!

11.) To expand on #12 I’d like to mention Laloux and his book that I downloaded from his website called “Reinventing Organizations“. It gives a beautiful framework that is actually in existence at a handful of companies that are utilizing the WHOLE person that the members of the company represent. I can’t explain it briefly enough to include here and I’m still reading it, I recommend absolutely everyone does too!! It is downloadable in a “pay what feels right” set up too (which is what I linked to) so you can get it right now!!

10.) HTML…I’m grateful that before it was anywhere as vast as it is today, I was learning about the internet. I started with HTML and quickly progressed into using Photoshop and ImageReady then on to WordPress, Ning, and all the Social Media out there. Looking at my Archive recently was a great reminder of the beginnings of all this and I’m grateful to have a growing number of clients that I am helping to boost their online presence via Not Just a Website and Techie Designer Mom, which are both still in progress since I’ve been busy working on other peoples stuff, maybe check back in a few days.

9.) Laying chickens!!! Global warming is pretty apparent here in Seattle, it has been like spring!! Our chickens surprised us and started laying in January! I think their cycle was set right in tune with the solstice or something and we have been reaping this benefit…it is like easter every day!!


8.) Cherry…I am very lucky to have a wonderful mother-in-law who goes by “Nama Cherry” that has taken a really active role as “grandma” for all of our munchkins. I am so grateful for the chance to get stuff done every now and then when she picks them up from school and spends some time with them!!

7.) Crafty Kids…my kids like me when I was a kid are really interested in creating things! I have one knitter, and all three of them love legos and drawing! I love seeing what they create each day! Now if I can find a good way to organize it all…

6.) Not moving anytime soon. It’s been a crazy couple of years and I am thrilled that we have been where we are at for almost a year at this point…starting to stabilize just a little bit…

5.) Finding the great local community of friends at CSL, we have been a part of the community for a few years now and appreciate all of the friends there that we have made through the classes/services/summer camp etc.!!

4.) Mobility, I am completely grateful that my body is working as well as it is. I had a rough episode towards the end of last years when I fell and hit my head and I’m thankful to report that I’m doing really really well…I have gone on 3+ mile walks and 1+ mile jogs without issue and I intend to keep doing that to keep my body in tip top shape!! Glad that I have friends and family here to join me in keeping this up!

3.) Garden, I haven’t taken the time to get my garden started yet this year (except for the seeds that are growing on my fishtank!) but I’m excited to get started…I’ll be buying lots of good compost and planting lots of yummy stuff! After I find a way to keep the chickens out of it of course…

2.) My wonderful husband Geoff who has been tirelessly working to help move forward with providing the world with a more conscious soul in business and I know that he inspires a LOT of people..definitely not just me. We got married on lucky 8/8/8 and it was one of the best decisions I think I ever made to join forces with him in this lifetime, even if he does drive me a little crazy sometimes.

1.) Of course my number one is my little guy pictured in this post along with his two sisters…they are my daily joy and challenge that I wouldn’t trade for anything!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I would love to hear what you are grateful for! If you do a blog post like this one feel free to post the link in the comments below!!

Little 12!!!

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