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So I’ve been dealing with having an out of date and hardly dependable phone for a while now…but I think we have stumbled into a solution that is working quite well! In recent weeks (pretty much the last two months since my trip to California) I have had to completely reboot my phone (an Alcatel Fierce) completely…saving nothing…about 5 times. It was driving be absolutely mad! Of course I’d love to get a new phone but I can’t quite rationalize the spend until my phone is either fully nonoperational or I have some extra money. Last time I reset it I decided there would be virtually NO apps on it…no facebook, google inbox, or any of my other regular apps. I now use it exclusively for calling people, texting people, finding directions, and creating my own wifi.

Geoff the local Smartphone Repair Ninja got an iPod recently though that he was able to pass along to me. This is my official second device…the first does a good job at tapping into the network to provide wifi, and from that wifi I am able to use my iPod for stuff like Trello, Facebook, Twitter, Google Inbox etc.

While it is not the ideal solution, I am totally happy with it until I am able pass the iPod to the kids for an iPhone to handle it all in one. It definitely has it’s perks too, for example my life is definitely not interrupted as much by notifications from those devices (since I have to so consciously turn on the wifi so that I can see them) and it’s been great! Plus I have two devices to hand to the kids in the car when they are needing a distraction from each other instead of one.

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