My Baby Boy!!

I started writing this Tuesday night and got about this far:

Labor started just after 9pm tonight…at least that’s when I started tracking contractions. I’ll be updating this between contractions.

Keep crawling around doing all I can to help baby NOT go transverse.

One had one break that involved much puking…fortunately just one though.

My legs started trembling a bit as my focus on staying relaxed (not tense) became clear. Ouch!!

2am Pretty sure I’m losing some mucus plug…very happy as that means progress especially considering I wasn’t dilated at all earlier at my midwife appt.

3:16 – ouch…pain definitely going up a notch…

And yeah!! Then it got real, now I have a baby boy! here is the rest of the labor story as I remember it:

After this point in labor, I think around 4am we decided to move my planned home birth to the hospital.

We were VERY fortunate to be able to get ahold of Geoff’s mother, who had just come back from Hawaii that night, to come over and be with the girls who were peacefully sleeping through part of labor I experienced at home. I was happy to hear they were not upset or even surprised at all when we were gone and she was there, they were just happy to see her!!

We made this choice, to go to the hospital, based on baby’s heart beat dropping too low during contractions, something that could mean the cord is too short, is pinched, or any variety of other things. We never did find out as baby came out just fine and a very healthy Apgar score of 8 right after being born (points for crying!).

During my first few hours in labor I was handling the contractions really well, I had a good rhythm going with lunges and with swinging my hips around (not exactly sexy but I was groovin! It seemed I was further along than I was though and I was definitely getting very tired…I knew the real hard part was still coming too.

I don’t know what time it was but at some point I did decide to get my water broken, hoping to speed along the progression, and it was relatively soon after this that I decided to get pain meds. I did this because I was exhausted and felt that the intense emotions of what I was dealing with were likely impeding on progress. First I tried one that was an IV but I was convinced it was doing nothing and soon was asking for the epidural.

Getting the epidural was difficult…laying down was the most painful position to labor in and I had to stay down, sometimes held down, for about four contractions. Then once it took effect it seemed I may have a “window” as I was feeling all of my contraction pain in one small part of my left pelvis/thigh. Laying on the other side did allow the pain relief to spread there though so it all worked out. Geoff helped me with this and I can only imagine how difficult it was to watch me not only go through such pain but to actually be holding me down part of the time…I’m so glad he did though!!

I was then able to rest through contractions and I was fully dilated after a good period of time passed. There were definitely a few nappers in the room!

I was able to use the squatting bar to help position me for pushing (which was hard since I could barely feel a thing in my legs!) along with lots of help from my husband, nurses, midwife, and more…I had a nice little crowd!

It was definitely a very intense labor…not that my other two were not intense but this was the first one that had me sobbing in pain.

Overall it took about 12 hours. It was around 11pm that we decided to call our midwife and he was born at 11:03am the next day at 8lb 7.8oz and 21in long. He has held his head up and everything!!


We still haven’t decided on a name though we are very very close, we have some good Japanese and Gaelic names on the table along with a few popular ones passed through our families.

I’m writing this the next morning from the hospital, baby is sleeping in my arms as I type away on my iPhone. I’m feeling very good and peaceful, we decided to let me stay the night so we could all rest a bit, a tough decision as Kenzie was crying at the thought of leaving me but fortunately was taken in by my mother who took them to get some yummy food and to play at one of our favorite parks from our old neighborhood.

He is a very sweet little boy, nursing like a champ and frustrated when nurses come in to check on him. I’m glad he isn’t scared to speak up for himself 🙂 also he loves being swaddled, usually falling asleep right afterwards which is something that really helps when I need to use the bathroom or go freshen up!

I’ll be writing more about the girls response to this new little man in their lives!!! They both held him yesterday in the delivery room very well and I know he’s going to be cherished by them…Hazel is still my little princess and Kenzie is still my first baby as she always will be. I was happy to hear her say she’s glad she’s not him (baby) yesterday when he got his vitamin K shot, she’s been saying she wishes she was a baby recently but that part changed her mind :-).

Soon Geoff and Hazel will come here to pick us up and when Kenzie gets home I get to hear about what it was like to go skating with her friends…good times!! Oh and Dad totally was right predicting the birth day!! All pictures link to our baby registry if you would like to help us out with some baby supplies!!

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6 Responses to My Baby Boy!!

  1. Katherine Moore says:

    What? You didn’t tweet us the whole labor? 😉 Glad everything went so well. I have been thinking of you a lot, and missed seeing you. I will look forward to meeting the new Z in the family. So happy for you and pleased you have a boy to add to the mix.
    Love Katherine x

  2. Kristin says:

    nope! I think I’ll be blogging about my little prince’s name next…

  3. Julie S@howtoplanforaboybaby says:

    Congrats Kristin 🙂
    Best wishes always…

  4. Kristin says:

    Thank you!!

  5. Kristin says:

    Oops! I don’t think that I did a post about his name yet!! I had better get on that…

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