My Daily Water Habit

I just decided that I’m going to be adding more water to my day…and I’m going to be mixing it with different things at different times. I’m working out the details but I want to drink more water that has three things I want more of, not at once (dunno how that would taste) but I’ll be drinking more water this summer for sure!

Natural Calm (Raspberry Lemon)
I got some of this stuff after my doctor recommended it as a source for magnesium…it is pretty yummy and great as a quick ‘treat’ drink when it is hot out.

I linked that to an article that lists a lot of reasons to drink “Warm Lemon Water” in the morning every day…I’m not sure if I’m ready to ditch my coffee yet but we will see!

This one is another I’ve heard nothing but good things, and I’ve intended to drink more of it many times but haven’t stuck with it…maybe this time!! I’m hoping if I blog about it I’ll be more motivated to stick with it.

I’m hoping that these being added to my regular regimen will do good things for my energy and mood, maybe I’ll even lose some weight…we will see! I figure a yummy daily water habit is a good one to get started with as a summer habit.

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