My Favorite 4 Yummy (Easy) Fish Lunch Options..

I’ve been trying to have about around 4-5 servings of fish a week. Why? Glad you asked! It is so that I can get some of the “fish oil” and all the other things that are in them. These recipes use cans of salmon, I also of course LOVE a fillet of wild salmon as much as the next girl from Alaska. I use these because they are cheaper and easier to keep in stock, plus I find them to be very satisfying. I usually buy mine at Costco.

Here are 4 ways that I have been eating them:

Mustard Sardines:
I simply empty the can into a coffee cup after draining some of the olive oil and stir in some mustard! I love mustard!

Balsamic & Apple Sardines:
With this one, I empty the can of sardines into a coffee cup along with about half of a diced apple (usually leftovers from an apple cut up for one of my kids), stir it up, and then I drizzle some of my balsamic vinegar on it.

Celery & Mayonnaise Salmon:
I use a bowl with this one and empty the can of salmon in it, (I prefer the Alaska wild caught salmon of course) then I dice up a stick or two of celery and put in a generous dollop of mayonnaise. Sometimes I like to make the mayo too (using coconut oil and eggs from our chickens!) but usually I just use either Spectrum or Wholefoods organic brand of mayo. I enjoy this because sometimes there are some small bones (vertebrae not the needle-like ones) and they are totally edible, though not pleasant to be surprised by, and when I have celery in it them it is a lot nicer experience.

Fish Salad:
I also love to have a simple salad, I usually get a head of red organic lettuce and cut it up, put a can of sardines on it, and then whatever else I have that is yummy on salads, maybe some pumpkin seeds, blue cheese, or cut up apple. Then I drizzle a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil on it with a dash of sea salt and pepper. Yum!!

Do you have any favorite recipes for canned fish? I’d love to hear about them!!

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