My Favorite Product for January 2011

If you have ever hosted or attended a party, you probably have tried this by the sink!

January is a cold month, and for me my favorite product this month is one that I use while I’m taking a HOT shower, something I have been doing a lot of to get over a cold I have had. I started using this because one day in the shower, I was thinking about how cold it was, and also how my belly was starting to itch if I didn’t put lotion on it (yes I’m starting to show!) and so I looked at the scrubs I had, I think I was more interested in using the grainy texture to scratch my belly than anything else, so when I remembered how soft and supple it always left my hands during a party I was REALLY happy. Honestly I was so happy it’s why I decided to start writing about my favorite product of the month which will usually be Arbonne because it is what I use for just about everything!

So long story short, I have been scrubbing my belly with the Awaken Sea Salt Scrub and have been loving it, it feels good to rub it in and afterwards my stomach does not feel dry and itchy at all. I always knew it was a great spa treat but now that I’m pregnant it’s gone to a whole new level.

Yes I’m an Arbonne Consultant and so any purchases you make from my site will help support me and my family, Thank you for listening to what I have to say about my favorite product of the month and please come back here and post your experiences of it! I also send out a monthly newsletter with specials and tips to get the best deal, if you are interested you can sign up HERE (this is separate from the Kristin Updates newsletter for this site).

When you go to the site you can find this product under the “Skin & Body Care” as “Arbonne Aromassentials”, you can find it listed in the side menu or in the graphic menu on the main part of the screen and of course I am available to help you find it if you have a hard time!

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