My Happy Cup’s Third Life Begins…

Happy Cup Happily Beginning Third Life...

First Life:
When I got this cup I loved it so much, I remember I was working at an office still and on the way back one day from getting a coffee or something I saw it in a window. Just a few days later it was sitting on my desk or in my hand just about everywhere I went. I was very proud of my cup. I loved the happy face and how it really seemed to make people smile when they saw it even during stressful times in the job, and whenever anyone saw it, they knew it was mine.

I drank a lot of coffee at that job, I still do of course but at that point it was more like a survival type need to be drinking a lot of coffee.

Second Life:
I don’t remember if it got cracked while I was still there or if it happened after I got laid off but the second life of this cup was spent mostly on my shelf/desk. My shelf desk came into existence after moving into our house in 2009 and my Happy Cup took on the job of “Pen Holder” for me. Having two small girls running around grabbing anything they can use to make their lovely art made my grateful for my Happy Cup even more because it kept my pens safe from them yet accessible to me. Happy Cup lived on my shelf desk until about a week ago.

Third Life:
After a frenzy of cleaning, which doesn’t happen often though it was so much fun I plan on repeating it, I was finally able to make my daughters’ room livable and recognizable as a kids room rather than a storage place. I wished I took a before picture but I didn’t, I did take a few after pictures, the first one is disturbing…

Final Part of Cleaning Girls Room...

It’s disturbing because of the size of the ‘dirt’ pile, see, this is after already picking up and organizing so so many things, this just seemed like a huge sweeping pile. I don’t know if the room had ever been swept aside from when we first moved in because it would be near impossible due to the amount of stuff that had been on the floor.

Here is a happier picture of her desk though, you see where the Third Life of the Happy Cup begins:

Happy Cup's New Home on Kenzie's Desk

This was made possible by our dear friend Terra passing along some of her office stuff, the desk in Kenzie’s room and also the new pen holder that I have which accommodates other things like my cards etc. Now using this hand me down desk Kenzie has a place to work on her projects that her sweet little grabby sister Hazel can’t quite reach, at least so long as we keep chairs out of the room!

So life for all of us continues, she is excited to have my precious Happy Cup and even more excited to have not only a room but a desk to do all of her work on. I’m so happy to be able to provide it to her!! She even sleeps in her own bed sometimes…she really is growing up!!

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