My Kids Are Fighting Over Liverwurst!!

I love it when this happens!!

I have been taking as many carbs as I can out of our diet recently for health reasons, I’ve been on a journey this summer to release some pounds and I figure healthy eating should involve the WHOLE FAMILY not just us parents…we started ordering our meat from US Wellness because they have some GREAT quality stuff…my favorite stuff is the meats that have a mix of meat that includes the organ meat, something called “Head Cheese” and of course good old Liverwurst… I am thrilled that my kids were just fighting over the pieces I just gave to them…even the one who initially said “ew” chastised one of her siblings not take more than one at a time 🙂 I think that seeing them get so excited to eat it is at least part of what opened her up to trying it. I’m glad I have more to offer them than my experimental Liver Patties

It feels so good to know they are getting all those nutrients that the “regular” meats just don’t give us…more information HERE.

Happy eating!!!

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