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Climbing on RocksAfter some sort of disconcerting conversations I saw on Facebook I have been thinking a lot about the kind of legacy that I would like to leave for my children, grandchildren and all the other people who know of me yet to come. I am wanting some land, even without a house more than an actual house so that I can plant food bearing plants on it for generations to come. I’m happy that local communities are starting with this, and I want to more. For motivation and ideas I’ve been watching videos like this one:

…are what I am drawn to in this regard. With all the craziness in the world, to have a permaculture garden like this, where my offspring and their friends could live, visit, and get food from would be a dream come true. I can’t imagine anything better than a long standing food source that would always be providing for them.

I have been looking a lot into things like ecovillages and finding communities dedicated to a sustainable existence on this planet and I strongly feel that incorporating this kind of agriculture is a part of doing this effectively. After experiencing the benefits of growing some fresh food over the past few recession influenced years it seems ignorant to NOT be growing food. I’m incredibly grateful for youtube having users like growingyourgreens posting these amazing resources of information and of course for John and all the other passionate gardening/composting types that are making these contributions. I’m starting with the 40 feet or so that I have available to me now to grow food and look forward to my next piece of land that we own and making it a longstanding food source for my community and family.

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