My Little Obama Mama

I don’t even remember exactly how long ago it was, I suppose probably a few weeks, that I saw something about signing up to get an Obama sticker…I didn’t think twice and signed up both of my daughters to get them figuring they would be excited to get mail and then we could put the stickers on their backpack/notebook or something.

So today Kenzie (6) got her sticker, before she even showed it to us she presented us with this beautiful letter asking us to send it to the president:

Letter To Obama From 6 year old Kenzie

Please Vote for Obama…I’m not old enough. I want to be a scientist when I grow up.

We listen to the radio which is often tuned to KUOW/NPR and she knows she likes Obama…and definitely doesn’t like the baseball glove…I just had to share, I’m proud of my little Obama Mama!!! She has been able to recognize his voice on the radio since he was running for president the first time too…Her sticker is for YoungAmericans which is the most appropriate thing possible considering I want my baby girl to be able to go to school where she wants, have control over her body, be covered medically, and to be able to get a job she wants and be fairly compensated for it…most recently the kind of job she wants is “as a scientist” so that is what we are learning about.

Please vote to reelect President Barack Obama…because she can’t and she wishes she could.

Thank you for everything Barack Obama!!!

Progressive Peace-loving Optimist

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  1. Martins Martins says:

    Every One,

    Sticker looks awesome. I really wish to get a copy of it. My prayers are with Obama. I hope he will be president .

    Thanks,Admin for this good stuff.

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