My New Paleo Breakfast…

Recently it seems like days have been good or bad depending on if my husband Geoff got up before me and made coffee and some kind of meat for breakfast, something like sausage or bacon for example to consume for energy to greet the day with!

After having it not happen a few days and coming across a post by cave momma about a coconut/almond breakfast idea I was inspired!! Since then I have been having a small bowl of the coconut flakes, ground pecans, and sliced almond with coconut milk and it has been great! I even tweeted about it in response to a DocAmen tweet to which he replied! Talk about some positive reinforcement! I have been wanting to go to his clinic for close to a year now but haven’t had the money. I suppose I’ll keep tweeting in the meantime!

I also add some dried fruits to it sometimes. I am hoping to build up my arsenal of fast little paleo friendly snacks (next one I hope to tackle is figuring out how to make jerky!!) so that I can get the family more and more paleo too, so far though it is tough since they all seem to love cereal so much and I can’t really argue their obsession without having an alternative to offer. So far the girls are digging the “nut cereal” but also will need other alternatives… I love having found some other blogs to reference though like CaveMomma and ThePrimalParent who have lots of recipes and ideas I can get inspiration from!!

This morning was a morning where he made meat and I made coffee so I think I’ll have some nut cereal, nurse baby Zazen and maybe write my 750 words if I have a chance before the meeting at my place today about youth rights advocacy and clean up a little bit!

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