My Ninja Boy Enjoying Last Few Days Before School is OUT.

Almost Last Day of School!!
My son, who up until the last week has been not wanting to go to school as much, has suddenly gotten really excited about school! It is sweet on one hand because of course that makes all of our lives easier but at the same time…it’s almost over! He’s enjoying his last few days as a preschooler, soon to be a big Pre-K kiddo and is going through the emotional swings of what that all means. Some of his best friends will be gone next year, off to Kindergarten, and he’ll be one of the big kids.

I think part of me really thought this would take longer! I remember when he first started at this school and he LOVED it because his sister was still there and of course it is cool if she is there. I was able to enroll him a little earlier than usual even just because they knew he was ready and also excited to be there, plus I was asking for it when I had a job for that period of time. I really thought that the teacher was confused when she asked about how many days he would be joining them for Pre-K…total trip.

Now I get to enjoy lots of fun summer time activities with him and of course my two daughters too! It is looking to be a beautiful summer, and I’m hoping to do a lot more of what we have been doing these last few weeks going to beaches, camping, biking and more!!

Climbing on Rocks
Exploring the Beach (1)
Exploring the Beach (2)
Biking in the Woods

I’m even starting to get a little bit of a suntan!! Time to stock up on sunscreen and aloe!!

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