My Sore Throat & NOT Taking Antibiotics…

BraggsI’m not recommending that anyone does any of what I’m about to share, just sharing what worked for me. I am not a medical professional just a mom with MS doing my best. If you know me well, you know that I avoid antibiotics more than just about anything…I know that sometimes they are needed and I’m not opposed to using them in those cases but I will NOT use them as the first resort. For the last few weeks I have had a sore throat. No fever, no swollen tonsils or anything but it’s been noticeable, particularly in the evening. I was finally almost to the point that I was going to contact a doctor to ask if they thought I needed it when I did some research into what might help, and realized I hadn’t used all of what I had available to me. Starting about two or three days ago, I started gargling hydrogen peroxide. I have used it to swish many times for my teeth/gums but hadn’t thought of this. It wasn’t any kind of instant miracle relief but I can tell you that now it is barely noticeable. Another thing that I decided to start doing with more regularity is drinking water with a generous splash of apple cider vinegar. I didn’t drink this after gargling because I wasn’t trying to experiment that much but I was doing both things, and yesterday I even took a swig of the pure unwatered down apple cider vinegar. I figure if it might help, and I know it won’t hurt me, it is worth trying first before getting into the higher risk prescriptions available.

This is an example of how I deal with life. First for weeks I was drinking the Gypsy Cold Care Tea and taking the Elderberry Syrup (which is usually enough) but since that didn’t seem to be getting rid of it after a few weeks I figured that it must be bacterial instead of viral, hence moving on the the Hydrogen Peroxide and ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) for some direct germ killing potency. I’m happy to say I’m feeling great! Still a bit sore from the recent bike riding but that’s about it!!

That is how I avoid things like taking antibiotics. Thanks for reading!!

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