My Vote is for Bernie. Period.


I don’t think it is a feminist move to vote for Hillary, as great as a woman president would be we could have used this logic with Sarah Palin a few years ago, would she have made it if she pretended to be democrat? I think that people who are voting for Hillary are missing that improving our country for all of us, would only increase the odds of an awesome woman coming next, a woman for the people. A woman who earned her way not through family, marriage or money but EARNED it. THAT is a woman I’d love to see as president. I see voting for Hilary as a scarcity move, one that implies that we will “never” have anything better, and I believe that we will, especially if Bernie wins.

Are certain people (especially women) scared they won’t live past this next president and this is the last chance to see a woman as president? Is that really a reason to settle on someone who says “we can’t”?

I personally don’t like that kind of negative attitude. I choose potential, and possibility that we CAN make things better. I believe that there are plenty of brilliant and wonderful women who will come once we clean up the mess of what we have now.

I am voting for YES WE CAN.

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