New Chapter I call “Pain”

Pain. Pain is not something I have a huge amount of experience in dealing with. It was a few months ago, so I suppose it started at the beginning of this year that I started experiencing some pretty extreme back pain. It hurt to bend over, put on my shoes, lift my foot much off the ground, it was pretty horrible! I went and got some acupuncture, and he told me it was an area that correlated with holding back creativity. I agreed to work on obtaining some “me” time and the pain soon went away, life went on.

Then the pain came back, I got a massage. It left again soon.

I think it was the third month that I realized it was the week before my period that I was experiencing these pains. The fourth month I decided to go to my Naturopath to discuss as it was nearly unbearable…doing things like picking things up off the floor and getting dressed were just too difficult.

I was thinking that maybe I was just experiencing normal PMS symptoms? I never really had much in the way of PMS symptoms but had definitely heard stories from those who complained about back pain and worse…maybe it had something to do with passing the big “3-0” or something and now I was grown up enough to deal with “real” PMS or something.

At the appointment I mentioned that I had noticed it seemed to be the week prior to my period that I had this really bad back pain, and that after I got my period it seemed to pretty much go away, or at least go away enough that I wasn’t thinking about it.

He said something about fibroids…and then while he was doing some cranio-sacral work I remembered that back sometime when I was pregnant I had been told by an ultrasound technician that she saw something…maybe that was what it was? I didn’t really remember but it made sense…she had said they usually aren’t a big deal and I hadn’t really thought of it since.

He later was massaging/feeling my belly to see if he could find a sign of one that way and sure enough he thought he felt sometime…and I could feel the pain/pressure on the left side of my abdomen.

So we have set up an appointment with another Naturopath with a focus on women’s health and I will be seeing her in the next few weeks to see what she finds/says about it. Then they will be able to discuss if it warrants getting an ultrasound etc.

In the meantime he recommends that I consume some form of brassica daily as well as lots of fiber. I did some research and also am cutting back on coffee a bit (NOT completely at this point). I also am making an effort the more strictly refrain from consuming any gluten and am going to try and lose a few pounds…I definitely have packed on a few more than I need in the last year or so.

I recently read a lot about chia and am adding a few chia/kale smoothies to my day…at least two at this point maybe to move up to three.

I’m writing about this stuff because while I have had a decade plus of dealing with Multiple Sclerosis and issues related to that…I have never experienced pain like this, pain that seems to actually impair my ability or at least distract me from doing things.

I have read that fibroids and how serious they are treated ranges from doing nothing, to getting a hysterectomy. I have NO intention of getting a hysterectomy and so I am working out a plan to handle this new challenge I have been given to work through.

I am also taking a “Spiritual Practice” class through Center for Spiritual Living, in fact I started the class the weekend prior to learning about my pain being fibroid related, which is very helpful as I am learning to meditate and also to pray.

I intend to use the tools I have to make this pain go away…to dig deep into my self to uncover the creativity longing to be expressed, to learn and utilize the tool of meditation I am learning about, to consume the kale and chia smoothies (yes there are berries/banana’s too of course) to have a daily consumption of brassica and also lose a few pounds. I’ll be adding to these tools as I figure out what is working for me and what else is needed, exercise will surely be a part of this too though I’m not sure what kind or how much I’ll be working with, at this point I’m doing a lot of stretching and things like pushups at home, not many sit-ups as they hurt but crunches are doable. I am definitely getting outside as much as possible too now that the weather is warming up and I used to always say that gardening is my meditation so that is helpful in a lot of ways, growing more food, slowing down, and getting at least a little bit of exercise.

If you have been through a fibroid experience like this please let me know if there is something I should know in the comments below. Thank you for taking the time to read this and help me through this new challenge, I appreciate your support.

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  1. Kristin says:

    Happy to say that my Natural Treatments worked wonders on this one…I got a Mayan Uterine Massage, lots of Prayer Treatments, and ate a ton of Brassica (at least one, usually 2+/day for a while) and I’m happy to say it’s been 2 months so far of NO recurring pain…it was probably an ovarian cyst that burst and is no longer an issue… woo-hoo!!!

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