New Fitbit!!!

I’m so totally psyched…I lost my Fitbit back in March when I was totally excited to use it for tracking my training for the 5k Run MS when my band broke I was totally bummed! Fitbit support totally came to my rescue though and I had a new band on the way in the mail, while it was on it’s way to me I kept my Fitbit tracker in the shelf bra in my tank top…it worked great for the most part but then on the night before my replacement bracelet band came I completely lost it! I was pretty upset and did a lot of looking for happened at night and so I figured it had to be in one of the two bedrooms but even with my alarms set and me listening carefully for the vibrations I could not find it!

After that I contacted support again and shared my story, I knew it would be kind of a miracle to actually get my fitbit replaced when I lost it but I thought maybe they’d consider it since it happened while I was waiting for the band. I’m completely thrilled to say that they DID replace it and it is on my arm right now…I have it synced to my account and I’m ready for action! I DID do the 5k and am happy to say that while I wasn’t the fastest I DID do it. I’m probably going to sign up for another one just to motivate my training!

I highly recommend Fitbit as their support has been phenomenal, and it’s the little things like being able to set alerts that vibrate through the day that totally help me not just track my steps but also keep me on track when I’m working and need to go do things like pick the kids up from school.

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I’ve gotten a hold of this link that gets you Free shipping with orders over $50 at too! :-).

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