New Gmail Interface Love & Product Request!!

I have been using the new gmail interface for a few days now and have got a few things that I like as well as a few feature requests to share so here it goes…

Hovering buttons…
I love the way that the “trash” and other buttons remain available at the top of the screen. It keeps the accessible as I’m clearing out what I don’t have time/interest with less scrolling. Unfortunately the experience is so good that it raises my expectations greatly and makes some other common tasks I perform agonizingly scroll dependent! It could be related to my being on a netbook, therefore having less screen to work with as well…though the following suggestion would help either way.

Okay, so I’m really referring to all the buttons up at the top when composing an email…I love that they don’t appear until I start typing but on my screen, they appear where once I type…I can’t see them!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if the send button remained, as other buttons do, on the screen so that it remained accessible even if I do write emails longer than a tweet.

I love the subtle way that the chat and application links are hidden down at the bottom…I have to admit it took me a few days to realize I still “had” chat though…I love it, thank you.

I am SO in love with this…it used to drive me batty trying to scroll through my labels to find the topics of interest currently and now I have my top 4 right there and accessible…my productivity and board participation just increased at least 10%. Probably the only improvement I can think of there would be if I could see how many new/unread messages were in those views without clicking on them (similar to how the number on labels work to show the info).

Overall I love it though…I switched my theme immediately upon switching to a more simple one so that I could absorb all the differences and it’s so clean I think I’ll keep it awhile…(I used to have the graffiti theme).

Thank you for allowing us all to use your awesome innovative designs and functions to improve our lives as much as we see fit…rock on.

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