New Morning Routine

I am absolutely loving this…

Last night, I was upset. I felt like I didn’t have enough positive quality time with the girls, mostly Kenzie, and I was also upset that I have not been exercising enough, ironically because I feel like I have to stay with the girls, I was talking to (whining to) Geoff about this and then…


I can go jogging WITH Kenzie!! She’s gone with him once before, it didn’t work out well because she couldn’t go at his pace, but for me just starting out that is PERFECT because I’m not fast and don’t mind stopping so we can smell a flower. Ironically she wanted me to push her in the stroller, lol, something that the Kenzie I now would be insulted at (“I’m not a baby!!”) but it was smooth, tough to jog ad push but hey that’s just room for improvement. I’ll be on the market for a double stroller soon as we move into the house for the walk to daycare and back soon too…steep hill though don’t think I’ll be jogging then. Weight from both of the girls will make that a decent lil workout too.

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