No Longer Employed

Yes it is true, and I’m ok with it!


It was fun, I’ll see you around!!

More interesting is my NEXT project which you can take a peek at here at which is something that I came up with after being exposed to the plethora of folks who had websites, but didn’t really know about how to maintain or optimize them. I have been helping friends for years, as well as giving unsolicited advice to companies, and to make a company and a little bit of money off of it just makes sense.

SO…if you want to see what we are up to then go submit your site for one of the free evaluations! It will most likely be me that responds to you and I look forward to helping you to make your site the best it can be.

I will likely be blogging more over there than I do here, at least regarding technology, design, and strategy type things, so be sure to subscribe if you are interested! It’s time for me to spread my wings!!!


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