No More Free Ning?

After Laying Off 40% of It’s Workforce Ning Says Things Will Be Different

Yesterday after getting an email from my husband, who had gotten an inquiry from one of his colleagues about the ‘changes’ at Ning, I didn’t pay much attention. Said colleague was asking about alternatives to Ning because they were going to be charging soon, my assumption was that this was likely the result of going over bandwidth or something of that nature.

I was surprised later when I got the link to the creators community where the announcement was clear as day… no more free communities. More news to be released over the next two weeks, free community creators will have the opportunity to upgrade to an undisclosed payment plan or will have to begin their transition elsewhere.

Many of the replies to the thread where the announcement was made are full of anger, many creators have spent hundreds of hours creating their environments, others are bummed but acknowledge that it probably makes sense as a business decision. There are even some who have created many communities, over 20 in some cases, and their frustration about how quickly even a small amount would add up is understandable.

Most of the comments come to the same conclusion though, they are asking the question, “How much will it be.”, and this has not yet been disclosed.

As a Ning Community Creator I am hoping it isn’t too much, I have about 4 different communities the largest of which has an international membership spanning 6 countries bringing moms who have Multiple Sclerosis together. My hope is that the small premium fees I pay will be enough to keep it going, but I’m doing my research just in case.


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2 Responses to No More Free Ning?

  1. Kathy says:

    i heard about ning shutting down their free accounts.. i saw on that they offer the same things as ning, and have even more cool options.. i have a account- theyve been around for awhile now, and you can build a free social network website in a few minutes..

    it’s definitely worth checking out:

  2. Hi Kristin, I am the founder of soon to launch a trusted medical and health ads network which should pay a lot better than GoogleAds and will have more relevant content for your site. If you replace your network’s Google ads with the MedMatcha ads when the Ning pricing is implemented, I am hopeful that they will not only pay for your Ning fees but also make you a profit on top. You can register a profile for your network for the initial trial via the MedMatcha site if you are interested. Only quality health and medical sites, including reputable Ning networks, will be accepted (which yours is!) I very much hope to welcome you into the network, and good luck with the future, I think it is great what you are doing. All the best, Frankie

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