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Angel Choir - HazelAm I the total dude in this instance? I don’t think so but I relate to the pictures of people out frantically getting presents for folks. I think that if anything I will go with my husband for our annual “Goodwill Sibling Gift Shop” which our family seems to enjoy, this is when the kids each get to pick out presents for their siblings at Goodwill.

It is a fun opportunity for the kids to shop that isn’t too pricey. It also encourages bagging up some of the older toys to donate (get rid of to make room for new to us toys) and to give them to some other future child that will love them. I tell them it is activating the Santa they have within.

I just looked up recipes and am excited to see it is pretty simple to use fresh ginger instead of the dry, I just need about twice as much as it calls for. This means we will have some gluten free gingerbread cookies in our future!!

The focus for this year is really on family time and bonding…presents will be given from grandparents along with some needed gifts from us (husband doing the shopping part). Maybe I’ll get a family book of carols or something to sing together or something. That day of ice skating after xmas looks fun too, we will see! The picture is of my youngest daughter from the day she performed with the Anger Choir at Center for Spiritual Living.

Shopping will happen, but it isn’t our focus this year.

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