Not Feeling So Well Today…

Today so far is a strange day. I wrote about some of it here that focuses on the first strange thing which was my two swollen toes. Symptoms seem closest to gout, only risk factors being that it’s in my family history and I do eat bacon, sardines, and sausage etc. I’m being careful to drink lots of water, get some exercise and not eat lots of meat and sardines (which is normally a “good” thing for me, I’ll be calling my doc in the am about that!).

I just took a shower though and towards the end of it, I suddenly got really dizzy…dizzy enough I turned off the water and sat in the tub til it passed.

I’ve gotten dizzy a few times during this pregnancy, probably about 8-9 times or so and it’s odd because it isn’t the ‘head rush’ kind of dizziness, I hadn’t just stood up or anything. It also isn’t quite the vertigo type dizziness that I’ve had before which was much more constant…I have a little bit of that sometimes like when I’m in the passenger seat it makes me nauseous to turn around and help/look at the kids pretty quickly, like an intense motion sickness.

So I’m not really digging today so far…we are going to go to the park and walk around it, hopefully that will help to get my blood flowing and clear out whatever is going on. I also barely got sleep last night, my toes are really bothering me and it is difficult to ignore.

I haven’t for sure experienced low blood sugar dizziness, I wonder if that could be it though doubt it since I had a bowl of oatmeal plus half an orange today.

If you have any insights into what causes these sorts of symptoms please let me know!!

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