» Why Toilet Training Can Trip Up Parents and Doctors » Why Toilet Training Can Trip Up Parents and Doctors.

I came across this article when someone posted it on facebook and it made me wonder, with all the discussion of how various techniques affect children…why isn’t the pressure placed on parents by childcare providers mentioned? I imagine that pressure surely gets funneled down to the little kids who aren’t quite sure what is going on.

bathroomWe have been playing with potty training with Hazel, asking if she wants to use the potty, occasionally giving her training panties to try out, but making a point to not pressure her into it. I personally imagine she’s going through enough with Zazen having replaced her in the “baby” status in the family (I do keep telling her she’s still my baby girl though!).

If I find myself in a position needing childcare I will surely be looking for a nanny situation rather than a center that rushes her…my priority is to get her away from the disposable diapers and into the washable cloth ones.

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