Obsessed with Meat

I have been following Paleo for most of the last 2 years…(I’ve explained why HERE) though while I was pregnant, I was slipping…I got permission to for the most part because my reasons for being on the diet are related to my MS which goes into remission while I’m pregnant…so anyway. Now that Zazen is with us I’m back on Paleo as much as possible though. Unfortunately I have found that nobody else is as committed to this. I have held back from being a tyrant about the cereal and macaroni finding it’s way into the house as we have been SO busy with moving and getting settled.

I have been VERY hungry.

Prior to my pregnancy, my husband was paleo as well, and most of what we fed the kids also fit that model. With him being the main “cook” in the family though, it has been tough to stay on track.

I have taken the near starving approach, accepting a few pieces of bacon in the morning on many days and then to not eat until late at night when there is a pork chop or something available.

This is what has led me to ThePrimalParent.com and CaveMomma.com who both are also hardcore paleo parents, and in fact are inspiring me to go beyond where I have yet gone as far as the diet. For example, I have been wanting to try goat meat, even to go to the butcher that was local to our old home and get it. But now? I am planning on going to the University Farmers Market THIS weekend to get meat from the Toboton Farm, and I am so freaking excited it is ridiculous. I also intend to go to the local Lake City Farmers market tomorrow to get some ‘regular’ meat (meaning cow and maybe chicken) from farmers there hopefully. I hope that at some point we can purchase half of an animal or something, seems like it would be only reasonable as once I get enough vegetables growing we won’t need to buy that and having a good supply of meat would be grand!!

I will get my diet back on track, and I will soon be eating enough as it is not my intention to starve my way back to a better weight, it is my intention to work out and consume an abundant amount of nutrients to work my way to my ideal weight.

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