Offline for a few days (weeks?)

I was hoping it wouldn’t get to this point but it has, and my phone will be shut off tomorrow unless something comes through, wouldn’t be a huge deal except that I’m looking for jobs and that sort of thing, not to mention how active I am all the time with my blackberry etc.

I will absolutely be checking email and other sites @ least once every day or two still but responses might take longer.

Ironically my time will be focused on getting web design jobs probably, which I’ll pretty much be doing from starbucks.

It sucks because the way my husband has our phones set up, my phone, his phone, internet, and data plan to the phones are all linked, so that makes it expensive AND it makes it so if we can’t make the payment on time…all is lost at the same time too. Plus since we were already 30 days late, once it goes to 60 we have to make the FULL payment plus reactivate to get back in business.

I’m starting a 10 hour a week job watching another little 6mo which I’m looking forward to, that starts tuesday.

It’s crazy how hard it is to find a job these days what with the recession and all. My husband got rushed through 3 interviews for a position about a week and a half ago and then suddenly no call back at all, not a yay, not a nay. Meanwhile I’ve been applying for at least 3 jobs a week, I have to because I’m on unemployment, and nothing aside from this childcare gig has come through. It’s a trip considering I was making about 2.5 times the rate I’ll be making an hour and had benefits just about 7 months ago.

Anyway, surprisingly I’m not that upset, I’ve kind of accepted it and decided it’s time for me to write more, so I’ll be probably doing better writing too, the old fashioned way with that ‘word’ program and then bringing it to the cafe to upload. That is I will write as long as the daycare my daughter is at will let her keep coming. I might have to switch her to part time or fully pull her out of preschool because of this money stuff, I’m behind there too.

I think it would be great if we could just do everything based on a barter system, you know that whole you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours? There seems to be a lot of people who need ‘cheap’ websites, so I think I’ll pick up a couple of those low paying gigs just to build up my portfolio and then start going after the real design jobs…

In my dream world I’m finding a way to make this whole site into a non-profit so that I can help moms who are in a situation like mine. It’s the long term goal, if you want to chat about how to make that happen let me know, I’m a passionate designer wi/out a lot of non-profit experience aside from being a part of the board for a couple. I’m told to not bother even being an official 501(c)3 until I’m bringing in 6 figures but I have to get a lot more organized to make that happen. I’ll be working on that too though as that is where my passion is pulling me.

See everyone around, hopefully this won’t take long!!

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